Funny Passive Aggressive Messages From Roommates

Finding a roommate is hard enough, but actually living with one is even harder. They have no idea you need to replace an empty toilet paper roll or clean the dishes in a somewhat timely manner. However, these and other annoying co-existence problems are often the results of the lack of communication. For some reason, our tongues find it almost impossible to tell our housemate that something is bothering us. Here is a list of hilarious passive aggressive messages roommates have ever left, showing that you can only avoid addressing an issue for so long.

1 My Roommate Put This On Our Fridge

#2 What’s Been Happening Lately

3 Left A Romantic Surprise For My Roommate

4 My Roommate Put This On Our Shower Door, After Being Yelled At For Not Locking It 

5 Dear Gary, Please Do Me

6 One Of My Roommates Just Posted These In Each Of Our Bathrooms

7 You Seem Stressed

8 I Told My Roommate He Was Putting The Tp On Backwards And Then I Find This

9 My Friend And His Roommates Disagree

10 How To Be Passive-Aggressive

11 A Housemate’s Note

#12 Here’s Hoping My Housemates Have A Sense Of Humor

#13 My Roommate Leaves Me Notes To Remind Me To Do Chores. This Makes Him Angry

#14 My Roommate Trimmed His Beard Over The Sink. After It Clogged We Made Him Clean It. Came Home To This

#15 Caught

#16 I Live With Three Other Guys And This Is What My Girlfriend Left On Our Dryer

#17 FYI

#18 How My Buddy Reminds His Roommates To Pay Their Rent

#19 This Guy Turned His Roommate’s Mess Into A “Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery”

#20 Roommate Replaced My Mario Doodle With A Word Of The Day On Our White Board



Funny Passive Aggressive Messages From Roommates