Hilarious Face Swaps From The Most Terrifying Snapchat

Snapchat has recently introduced a new filter that lets you swap your face with another person. Or a cookie. Though created for the use of people, with the right angle, the filter allows you to see what you would look like if you swapped faces with a cat, or a banana. It’s kind of creepy to say the least.

Here is a list of both hilarious and terrifying face swaps. But it’s still incomplete.

1 By Far The Best Face Swap In A Long Time


#2 Face Swap Gone Horribly Wrong

3 I Delivered

4 Face Swap

5 Tried To Do A Face Swap With My Infant Daughter

6 I Tried Face Swap. I Think I’ll Stop Now

7 It Registered The Car’s Tire Rim As A Face

8 Face Swap

9 Me And My Friends Face Swap Went Horribly Right

10 Possibly One Of The Best Face Swaps

11 I Mean I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Mermaid

12 Face Swap Is Fucking Awesome

13 Face Swap With My Dog

14 Terrifying Result Of Face Swap With Son

15 Face Swap With Cookie



Hilarious Face Swaps From The Most Terrifying Snapchat